"Quality and Caring"

We are not supposed to be teaching English, we are supposed to be creating an environment where learning can take place.

John Ayers - London, Socio fondatore

Conosci il nostro team

Charles – Scotland

Managing Director and teacher

“My specialty area of teaching is Business English and Career Enhancement. I’ve had an association with Tuscany for more than 15 years, and now after a long career (I won’t tell you how many years) in the financial sector, in the UK and all over the world, it’s a refreshing and fulfilling change to put down roots and be living here full-time in my home in Livorno. I don’t mind the wine in this part of the world either…”


Socio amministratore e consulente

Avevo 20 anni quando ho deciso di perfezionare il mio inglese e ho pensato subito alla British School come la scuola ideale.Da quel lontano 1992 non ne sono più uscita! La British School è per me il posto dove sono anche un po’ cresciuta, dove ho avuto modo di incontrare persone meravigliose. Oltre a far parte dell’azienda come partner insieme a John e Charles sono anche freelance e mi occupo di consulenza, comunicazione e PR.


Contabilità Pisa

Salve a tutti! Qui alla British School sono una persona che “conta” molto..!


Segreteria Pisa

Ciao a tutti, sono Cristina e anch’io faccio parte della grande famiglia British School! Le mie grandi passioni sono il mio lavoro, la mia famiglia e il cinema. la mia giornata ideale?! Tante soddisfazioni lavorative e un buon film con le persone a me care!


Segreteria Pisa

Ciao a tutti, sono Sabrina e le mie grandi passioni sono viaggiare e il mondo dell’arte! “Una lingua diversa è una diversa visione della vita” (Federico Fellini)


Segreteria Pisa

Siciliana nel cuore, vivo a Pisa ormai da 10 anni e una volta entrata alla British School è stato amore a prima vista (provare per credere!). In ufficio non ci annoiamo di certo, ma ogni tanto riesco anche a fare un viaggetto verso casa e, perché no, a portare un po’ di cannoli.


Segreteria Pontedera

“Ciao, sono Barbara. Lavoro alla British School dal 1991…mi posso considerare “la vechietta” della scuola?! Adoro questo lavoro e le persone che lavorano con me!”


Segreteria Pontedera

“Faccio parte dello staff della British School dal 2004, ma frequento questa scuola dal 2001, infatti prima di lavorarci ero una studentessa di inglese come molte altre. Il mio amore per l’inglese non è mai diminuito, infatti continuo a studiarlo con impegno alla ricerca della “pronuncia perfetta”. La mia più grande passione è viaggiare, soprattutto in quelle città in cui posso esercitami con la lingua, non a caso la mia città ideale è Edimburgo; un luogo fantastico, a misura d’uomo, ricco di storia e di fascino.”


Segreteria Pontedera

“Sono entrata a far parte della famiglia British School nel 2014 e amo molto il mio lavoro, in particolare stare a contatto con i bambini. La mia passione è viaggiare, infatti appena posso parto alla scoperta di nuovi posti, anche se ogni volta che mi allontano sento molto la mancanza del mio cagnolone Oscar!”


Segreteria Mopi Campus

“Ciao a tutti, sono Atena e anche io faccio parte di questo splendido team!  Bergamasca, vivo a Pisa da quasi 11 anni e in British School ho trovato professionalità, passione per il proprio lavoro e soprattutto fantastici colleghi! Nel tempo libero adoro visitare mostre e musei e scoprire luoghi ricchi d’arte.”


Operation Manager - Centro Esami Cambridge Montacchiello

Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.


Exam officer - Centro Esami Cambridge Montacchiello

Although Shakespeare is credited with coining a large number of words we now use in English, the language predates him by hundreds of years. In fact, researchers have found that some words in English have remained completely unchanged for thousands of years!

Joanna - South of England

Responsabile Didattica Pisa

I love teaching and I am passionate about my job so I am very happy to be part of the British School Pisa. I’m orginally from the South of England but after having moved a few times my family and I have settled in Pisa. In my free time I like spending time outdoor with my children and my husband and when we can we pack our cases and take a trip somewhere new.

Joanna Paolinelli - Scotland

Responsabile Didattica Mopi Campus

I’m from Scotland and love living in Italy and love what I do. I believe that if a child finds it hard to learn in class then it is up to us to facilitate learning by teaching in ways that can help them to learn. I love technology and using it as a learning and motivational tool. I totally believe that creating the right atmosphere is so important, not only in the classroom but also in the workplace. I also work as a singer-songwriter and I’m always singing, even when I teach!!

Carla – Perth

Responsabile Didattica Pontedera

“I live quite close to the school and love spending my free time with my husband, son, daughter and our dog, Ebony.”

David Moynihan – London

Insegnante Pontedera

“Hello! I’m David, a new teacher at the Pontedera School. I’m very happy to be part of this friendly school.
I’m originally from London and now I live in Quattro Strade, close to Pontedera.
In my free time I like riding my bike in the countryside and exploring new towns and sights in the tuscan region”.

Sarah – Romford

Insegnante Pontedera

“I live in San Giovanni alla Vena with my family. I love reading classic novels, especially those written by my favourite author Jane Austen.”

Raffaella – San Antonio, Texas

Insegnante Pontedera

“My heart is split in two: half is in Livorno where my parents live and the other half is in San Antonio, Texas where my sister and beloved niece live. I love animals and nature and enjoy long walks in the countryside with my baby-dog Toby.”

Stephan – Emerald Isle

Insegnante Pontedera

“I am from the western edge of Europe, namely the Emerald Isle. I love a good “get-together” with friends and family, ideally in a cosy pub with a pinto or two. In my spare time, I practice Martial Arts. Teaching is something I truly enjoy, as there are always new things to discover.”

Robert - Kwazulu

Insegnante Pontedera

“I love nature and I love exploring it. I also have a passion for English, both the language itself and teaching it.”

Max - London

Insegnante Pisa

The English language is nobody’s special property. It is the property of the imagination: it is the property of the language itself. -Derek Walcott-

Lorenzo - Scotland

Insegnante Pisa

Language exerts hidden power, like the moon on the tides. -Rita Mae Brown-

​Sarah - London

Insegnante Pisa

“Travelling broadens your mind”. That’s my motto. I was born in South Kensington, a vibrant district of London. I really enjoy discovering new cultures and learning foreign languages. No wonder I graduated in Modern Languages, spent my Erasmus year in France and I now live in this charming corner of Tuscany!

Thomas - UK

Insegnante Pisa

“I’ve been teaching for years and I am a recent addition to the school here in Pisa, which I’m very happy about. I have a lovely wife and two fantastic children, who are an immense joy. I’m a keen cyclist and I really like riding through the Tuscan countryside, when I have the chance!””

Simona - Scotland

Insegnante Pisa

Hello everyone, I have been an English teacher for almost twenty years and I think teaching is the best job in the world! I love it when my beginner students start speaking and want to know more about British culture and ask me about English food. Food, restaurants and cooking are my favourite topics and I love trying out new recipes my students give me! I look forward to seeing you in class!

Kane - Scotland

Insegnante Pisa

“The world has a lot to offer and is more accessible than ever! I love making new friends and discovering different lifestyles”


Insegnante Pisa

❝Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.❞

Rita Mae Brown

Mary- UK

Insegnante Pisa

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing.” (Rollo May). I love the challenge, fun and opportunities that learning a language can offer and it is great to share this with my students.

Alex - UK

Insegnante Mopi

Hi, I’m Alex from London and I’ve lived in Lucca  for the past 12 years.   I really enjoy living in Italy and never take it for granted.  I have two daughters; Tallulah and Christina, a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a horse.  I love running, reading, delving into current affairs and good food. I’m a bit of a shopping addict but try not to have time!

The English language is vast, wonderful and quirky; with its ancient roots, cultural heritage and modern interpretations and so many eccentricities.   What a privilege it is to teach. I love bringing the language alive with my students, making learning fun and getting real results.   I want my students to feel stimulated and enthusiastic. I simply love my job!

Fiona - Uk

Insegnante Mopi

Hi everyone! My name’s Fiona, I’m from Manchester and I came to Italy “for a couple of years” back in 1989. I’m still here, one husband and two grown-up children later 😉

When people ask me if I will ever go back to live in England, I reply “Absolutely not”! I love living in Tuscany with its good weather, wonderful cities and scenery, fantastic food (and wine) and friendly people. I’m also lucky enough to be doing a job that I love, so I’m staying right here! (Brexit or not!!) 😂


Insegnante Mopi Campus

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”. -Benjamin Franklin. Teaching is my passion. I have been teaching English in Italy and abroad since 2000. I’m also passionate about art and in my freetime I love reading, listening to music, and cooking.

Kate - UK

Insegnante Mopi Campus

“Hello I’m Kate.  I come from the south east of England, Isle of Thanet, but my destiny has brought me to Tuscany ! I love the English language and I enjoy sharing it with my students. A wonderful lady once said ” Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love ” Mother Teresa”.


British School Pisa da sempre si pone come obiettivo quello di essere non solo una scuola, ma un punto di riferimento e di aggregazione per i propri studenti, dove passare piacevoli momenti in compagnia grazie alle social activities e agli eventi a tema organizzati durante tutto l’anno dal nostro staff.

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La più ampia gamma a livello mondiale di certificati che attestano la conoscenza linguistica necessaria per avere successo. Consegui da noi il prestigioso certificato Cambridge!

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